Notes on setting up Canon PiXMA iX6850 A3 inkjet

Windows driver – IJ Network tool does allow you to input IP address eventually (Mac version does not). Conveniently our print server was on the same subnet as the printer, so it found it straight away. Driver can be installed on Server 2012 and shared, but cannot be shared as a LPD queue (as Canon don’t use a standard IP port).

Printer does function as an IPP printer, and LPD (if enabled).

On the Mac, use the IP address of the printer – it doesn’t communicate properly with the DNS name.

Cloning Mac disk using external enclosure and Disk Utility

We got a ssd upgrade for a Mac (JetDrive 885) which comes with an enclosure to allow data to be copied to the new drive. This can be done with Disk Utility – as you are cloning the boot drive you need to run this in recovery mode (boot holding cmd – r). Presumably booting from a usb stick would work as well.

Once in disk utility choose the external drive, select Restore and choose to restore from the Macintosh HD. At this point we ran into an issue:

Could not change the partition type for /dev/disk1s1 - error -5342

We eventually found the problem – the new ssd had been configured with a MBR partition table, not GPT. To fix this go to the View menu and choose Show All Devices. Then select the external device at the top level and click erase. This should allow you to choose MBR or GPT partition schemes.

User missing from login screen – OSX with FileVault

Situation: new MacBook with OSX Sierra. Set up with an admin account, enable FileVault (taking note of recovery key obviously!) and install the necessary. Create account for end user and give it to them. All is well (after getting some USB-A to USB-C converters…)

User restores all his stuff from a Time Machine backup to the account on the new system – this overwrites all the current user settings. After rebooting the system, his account has disappeared from the login screen.

Solution: Log on as the other administrative user (luckily we have one!) and open the Settings – Security & Privacy – FileVault. A notice at the bottom of the dialog box appears informing you that there are some users that are not enabled to use FileVault, with a button to enable the users. This brings up a list showing the missing user. To enable the user their password needs to be entered.

Matlab on OSX Mountain Lion (10.8)

OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) seems to change the order of the MAC addresses presented to flexlm licence processes. There is a page about various problems at the Mathworks website:

Why am I unable to launch MATLAB after upgrading to Mountain Lion?

At the bottom of the page it gives the command to run to determine which address the licence process is seeing:

/Applications/ lmhostid