FDQNs in FlexNet license files

When trying to query FlexNet licenses using lmutil or similar from systems with a different DNS suffix, make sure that the license file server name contains the FDQN for the SERVER line. If not you can find that lmutils complains that the lmgrd process is not running, even though you can run the actual program with the appropriate license.

For example, with a line in the licence file like

SERVER servername 4eca3b4b8326 1055


lmutil lmstat -a -c 1055@servername.physics.gla.ac.uk

results in a HOST_NOT_FOUND error. Running the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility gives the same error. However, ANSYS fires up as normal.

To fix this put the FDQN in the license file (refreshing the licence server afterwards!)

SERVER servername.physics.gla.ac.uk 4eca3b4b8326 1055

The lmutil queries should then work as normal.

Installing MATLAB 2015b on Debian Jessie

Ran into a couple of problems here:

Default Debian behaviour is to mount cd’s with noexec option. Thus you get permission denied even as root when you try to run the install script. Solution; remount cd:

sudo mount -o remount,exec,ro /media/cdrom0

or whatever path the cd is mounted at. You need the ro otherwise it complains.

Other more general problem: sudo ./install just results in Installing... Finished and a silent fail. In the old days using gksudo fixed this but apparently it’s deprecated now. It does work when running as normal user, so tried:

sudo -E ./install

this worked correctly.

Matlab on OSX Mountain Lion (10.8)

OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) seems to change the order of the MAC addresses presented to flexlm licence processes. There is a page about various problems at the Mathworks website:

Why am I unable to launch MATLAB after upgrading to Mountain Lion?

At the bottom of the page it gives the command to run to determine which address the licence process is seeing:

/Applications/MATLAB_.app/etc/maci64/lmutil lmhostid