Notes on setting up Canon PiXMA iX6850 A3 inkjet

Windows driver – IJ Network tool does allow you to input IP address eventually (Mac version does not). Conveniently our print server was on the same subnet as the printer, so it found it straight away. Driver can be installed on Server 2012 and shared, but cannot be shared as a LPD queue (as Canon don’t use a standard IP port).

Printer does function as an IPP printer, and LPD (if enabled).

On the Mac, use the IP address of the printer – it doesn’t communicate properly with the DNS name.

Cannot print in colour or double-sided using HP Universal driver

If the HP Universal print driver cannot automatically retrieve a printer configuration (say SNMP is blocked on the network or disabled on the device) it defaults to monochrome printing (UPD version 5.0 and newer). This can also lead to long pauses while trying to open the printer properties, as it presumably times out while trying to retrieve the data. On the Device Settings tab, click Device Type: Auto Detect to display the drop-down list and then select Color (and also check the duplex setting).

SeeĀ HP LaserJet, HP PageWide Enterprise, HP OfficeJet Enterprise – Unable to Print in Color or Unable to Auto-Duplex (2-Sided Printing Fails) after installing the UPD