FDQNs in FlexNet license files

When trying to query FlexNet licenses using lmutil or similar from systems with a different DNS suffix, make sure that the license file server name contains the FDQN for the SERVER line. If not you can find that lmutils complains that the lmgrd process is not running, even though you can run the actual program with the appropriate license.

For example, with a line in the licence file like

SERVER servername 4eca3b4b8326 1055


lmutil lmstat -a -c 1055@servername.physics.gla.ac.uk

results in a HOST_NOT_FOUND error. Running the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility gives the same error. However, ANSYS fires up as normal.

To fix this put the FDQN in the license file (refreshing the licence server afterwards!)

SERVER servername.physics.gla.ac.uk 4eca3b4b8326 1055

The lmutil queries should then work as normal.